Please see below a selection of recent transactions that BREAL Zeta has structured and delivered.

Our mission to provide much needed liquidity to the UK Small and Medium Enterprise sector, combined with a commercial, flexible, and supportive approach to helping businesses achieve their ambitions, sets us apart.

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  • BREAL Zeta fuels growth for Sonan Bunkers with $10m export receivables finance facility

    BREAL Zeta Commercial Finance has structured a USD $10,000,000 export receivables finance facility to support the expansion of Sonan Bunkers (UK) Ltd. This transaction, which has an 18-month facility term, delivers more than double the quantum of Sonan’s previous finance facility.

    Established in 2014 to handle in-house shipping fleets together with third-party broking and trading, Sonan Bunkers (UK) Ltd is a bunker physical supplier in the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region as well as an active worldwide trader. Since that time the business has grown to 6 offices in London, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Singapore, Oslo and Rotterdam, with experienced brokers and traders covering the worldwide requirements of its clients. The business, which is experiencing substantial increases in both its turnover and profitability, has a robust business model which has meant consistent trading throughout a period of turbulent oil prices and global disruption caused by Covid-19.

    Real certainty

    Graham Furse, General Manager, Sonan Bunkers (UK) Ltd, said:
    “Right from the start, I had a warm feeling that with BREAL Zeta, we were working with a company that wanted to do the deal, which gave us real certainty. We never once felt like a statistic, unlike with some banks where due diligence can involve a lengthy box ticking exercise only for the deal to drop off a cliff. The team at BREAL Zeta was refreshing to work with and very impressive. They asked all the right questions, listened carefully to the answers and looked to understand our business and our processes.”

    He added: “The tanker side of the market is extremely buoyant and we have already won a number of new accounts and have a strong pipeline going forward. This transaction is the step that we needed to enable us to scale to meet our plans and will also serve to enhance our credibility in the market as we take the business to the next level.”

    Extremely positive outcome

    Andy Pickford, director in the debt advisory team at FRP, said:
    “Bunkering is naturally a niche subsector and one that operates on fine margins. As such, it’s critical for Sonan Bunkers to have the right backers on board to support the next phase of their growth. Having explored options with a range of lenders, this deal with BREAL Zeta represents an extremely positive outcome for their global team – particularly in the current climate – with the additional firepower likely to help them achieve their ambition of doubling turnover in the not too distant future.”

    Driving expansion

    Ben Milner, Regional Business Development Director, BREAL Zeta said:
    “We are absolutely delighted to support Sonan Bunkers with the optimal level of finance to drive its expansion. The platform to accelerate further profitable growth has been established and we look forward to supporting the business to achieve its future plans.”

    He continued: “This is an excellent example of how BREAL Zeta is backing large, complex transactions and enabling businesses to secure opportunities for growth and strengthen their positions during times of continuing economic change.”

    This has been a great team effort, working closely with Sonan to meet deadlines in a difficult environment. We remain keen to assist with any urgent funding needs across asset based lending, adding cash flow loans as required, with overall lending lines from £2m to £150m, whilst maintaining necessary home-working for our team.”

    The client was advised by Andy Pickford at FRP Advisory, who introduced the transaction to BREAL Zeta.
  • BREAL Zeta delivers £500,000 refinance facility for UK maintenance business

    A specialist maintenance company has secured a half a million-pound confidential invoice discounting line from boutique asset based lending specialist, BREAL Zeta. The company provides a full service offering and has a wide portfolio of long-standing clients within both private and public sectors.

    This transaction was introduced to BREAL Zeta by Nigel Barr of Wilkins Kennedy.

    Speed of turnaround
    The managing director of the maintenance company commented: “I could see considerable potential for the development of the business. Having put feelers out into the market with Wilkins Kennedy leading the process, BREAL Zeta emerged as offering a very pragmatic and proactive approach to delivery. Their experience, and that of our advisory team, told throughout. The team at BREAL Zeta was responsive and focused and developed an excellent rapport with us. Having direct access to their managing director, Russell Gilling, made a great difference. The personal service, immediate decision-making and speed of turnaround I received from the BREAL Zeta team was excellent. I am excited about growing the business further from a solid foundation.”

    Partnership approach
    Russell Gilling, Managing Director, BREAL Zeta said: “Having met the senior team and their advisors to understand their requirements, we felt very positive about this deal. We really liked the people and the strength of the business and were keen to back them. Ultimately, it was a great team effort, working with Wilkins Kennedy and the client to deliver the deal and we wish the MD and the team every success as they embark on a new phase of growth.”

    Responsiveness proved vital
    Nigel Barr, Business Development Director at Wilkins Kennedy, commented: “The company has a strong underlying business base, underpinned by long standing contracts and backed up by the quality of the people. BREAL Zeta was the perfect fit and the speed of their delivery was top notch. Russell Gilling, the managing director at BREAL Zeta got involved straight away, understood what needed to be achieved and set the tone for the transaction, ensuring that progress was made to a clear and sensible sequence.”

    Ensuring certainty
    Nick Parrett, Advisory Partner, Wilkins Kennedy added: “Having created the business plan and advised the client, we were delighted to work with BREAL Zeta to support the client in achieving their vision. The hands-on involvement of their senior management team was a key factor with the speed of turnaround for this deal and there was a tangible sense that the business and the outcome genuinely mattered to them. BREAL Zeta are very pragmatic, which suits our advisory style, and they were thoroughly invested in the process, which showed in the care and attention they provided, ensuring certainty of delivery.”
  • BREAL Zeta structures £2m ABL facility to propel Beagle Technology Group’s plans for future growth

    BREAL Zeta CF Ltd has supported cutting-edge aerospace engineering business, Beagle Technology Group, with a £2m asset-based lending (ABL) package, comprising invoice discounting, plant and machinery finance and a stock finance facility. The transaction, which was completed in just under two weeks from offer to completion, has created substantial headroom to help the business drive its plans for organic growth.

    Sustaining growth
    While the ABL facility was originally intended as a short-term working capital injection, Beagle has recently agreed a facility extension for a further 12 months to sustain its growth plans.

    Founded in 1956, Beagle Technology Group designs and manufactures metallic and composite parts and structures, as well as highly finished components for the Aerospace, Defence and Marine Markets. The company's expertise lies in the creation of value added niche engineering from concept to supply.

    The business operates from its 80,000 Sq. Ft. principal manufacturing facility, located in Christchurch, Dorset. All of their metallic, composite and design capabilities are provided in-house ensuring a turnkey engineering capability to their customers, which include BAE, Rolls Royce, Sunseeker Yachts and the MOD.

    Speed and flexibility
    John Taylor, Managing Director of Beagle Technology Group, comments: “BREAL Zeta stepped outside the realms of what we would normally expect from an ABL provider to fund a level of stock, in addition to confidential invoice discounting and plant and machinery, to generate the headroom we need to fulfil our plans. They are a supportive partner, bringing a high degree of understanding and realism to the process and acting with speed and flexibility to structure the working capital we need to drive further growth. As a result of the facility from BREAL Zeta, we will be able to take the business from £7m to £9m in the next three years.”

    Achieving ambitions
    The Sales Director at BREAL Zeta CF Ltd, said: “Beagle Technology Group is a highly technical organisation that has sought a technical asset-based lending partner in BREAL Zeta to fund its growth. We met with the management team to gain a big picture view of the company and its opportunities as well as a deeper understanding of the business and acted quickly to structure the optimal financial headroom to sustain and propel business growth. This deal is pivotal to Beagle Technology Group’s expansion plans and we are immensely proud to be backing the best in British engineering. We look forward to developing a strong and successful relationship that will enable our client to achieve their ambitions.”
  • BREAL Zeta delivers term loan to strengthen MBO deal for Steel Plate & Sections and Stemcor Special Steels.

    BREAL Zeta has provided Term Loan funding to complete the management buy out for Steel Plate & Sections and Stemcor Special Steels, alongside Leumi ABL facilities and shareholder subordinated loan capital introduced.

    Comprehensive facility
    The total transaction comprised the full ABL suite, including accounts receivable and inventory revolvers in addition to plant and machinery and property term loans. BREAL Group has taken a 30% equity stake in the business and acted in a debt advisory capacity. The Management Buy Out was led by chief executive, Andrew Jones.

    Sutton Coldfield-based Steel Plate & Sections has over 40 years’ experience of meeting the needs of offshore fabrication, pressure vessel and boiler manufacture, construction, materials handling equipment manufacture, bridge building, shipbuilding and repair, civil and general engineering and other industries throughout the world.

    Stemcor Special Steels is the number one Nickel Alloy distributor worldwide and serves the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The business has fully stocked depots managed by experienced oil industry professionals in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai and Houston.

    Mick Welden, Director at BREAL Zeta Limited, comments: “Now that the restructuring is well underway, the business is set to flourish in its own right, outside of the confines of a group structure.”

    Speed of execution was vital
    He continued: “Timing was critical in respect of this transaction and It was imperative to complete within a 4-week window. Since speed of execution was pivotal to the deal, BREAL Zeta acted quickly to put the term lending into place. BREAL Consulting leveraged its understanding of the market and its breadth of relationships in the asset based lending industry to select the appropriate funder and introduced Leumi ABL to deliver the revolver facilities to meet the tight timeframes required.”

    Supporting a clear vision
    “This really is a true BREAL deal from the outset, from the Term Lending supplied by BREAL Zeta to the debt advisory piece provided by BREAL Consulting, involving the structuring of the transaction, the introduction of Leumi ABL and investment within the business. We were delighted to work closely with a very capable and experienced management team to support them in delivering a clear vision for the business to build its credit worthiness, further strengthen its supply-chain relationships and drive aggressive growth once again.”
  • BREAL Zeta opens up acquisition and growth opportunities for Ascot Doors with all-asset deal

    Ascot Doors Limited has secured flexible acquisition and working capital funding from boutique asset based lending specialist, BREAL Zeta.

    Optimal levels of headroom
    BREAL Zeta worked closely with the existing management team to structure an all-asset funding facility to not only support its acquisition but also deliver optimal levels of financial headroom for further growth. The directors of the parent company, who were seeking to implement a divestment strategy for non-core operations, introduced BREAL to Ascot Doors. The deal will support the successful steel door manufacturing company as it continues to focus on expansion and increasing market share.

    Bolton-based Ascot Doors Limited is a leading manufacturer and installer of individually made-to-measure high performance retail, industrial and commercial steel doors and shutters. Ascot offers the widest range of products of any door company in the UK, operating from its own purpose built factory using the latest production equipment under BS ISO9001 quality assurance standards.

    Rapid deployment of funds
    Mick Welden, of BREAL Zeta commented: "One of the beauties of working with BREAL Zeta is the ability to rapidly deploy funds and speed was a decisive factor in this transaction. The deal, which was completed in a 4 week window for an undisclosed sum, involved both funding the share purchase to enable the acquisition and working capital to smooth the peaks and troughs of seasonal trading and capitalise on market opportunities."

    Robust and flexible
    He continued: "We really like manufacturing as a sector and Ascot Doors is a profitable, cash positive business run by a strong and highly experienced management team. This robust and flexible ABL facility, which grows in line with the company's sales, will enable the firm to meet its ambitions with confidence."